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To all students and parents, As I have watched this virus spread across the world and the closures of all kinds of events, I have wondered if I should cancel classes also. Containing this virus is important and I don’t want to be the one that helped it to spread.It…

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Celebrating Fifty-Five Years of Sewing!

This year I celebrated my 65th birthday, which means I have been sewing for about fifty-five years! As I look back on what first brought a passion for sewing, I believe it all began when my mom taught me to do hand embroidery and to crochet. My Grandmother Steele also…

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Holiday Special: Give the Gift of Sewing!

Wondering what to give someone who loves creative gifts? Or someone who likes practical ones?  Maybe you’re thinking of giving someone their first sewing machine, or you’d like to learn to alter your own clothes.  Whoever is on your list this year, why not consider giving the gift of sewing? …

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