Recently I had eight teenage girls from the youth group of the church I attend over to my house. They were there because they wanted to make a baby quilt for an expecting and slightly older friend.

Although most of them had never sewn before they were up to the challenge. I gave them pointers and they were off and stitching. What fun we had as they built the quilt.

As they only had 2 hours in which to complete this project I cut the fabric squares out ahead of time. They put their heads together and decided on a pattern and how they wanted the finished quilt to look. Having just four sewing machines on site these eight girls took turns sewing and ironing, and we the finished quilt in the time allotted.

The current trend in quilting is to line the finished piece with ‘Minkee’, a very soft and luxurious fabric, which is perfect for baby blankets and quilts. After the girls left I put the ‘Minkee’ on the back, turned it, then sewed around the edges and… tah dah!… a baby quilt made by friends with love. The project was relatively quick and easy.

The baby quilt love built.

What do you think? Cute Huh!!!

Happy Sewing, JoLene.