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Sewing has been a vital part of my life since my youth. In my junior high and high school years I took sewing classes and made a lot of my own clothes. These classes got me excited about sewing and everything it had to offer. Aside from those classes, I’m self-taught!

As I got older, I sewed matching outfits for myself and my sister, who was 12 years younger. Then, when my own children were young, I sewed their clothes, Christmas presents, quilts and much more. I’ve even sewed four wedding dresses for myself and my children!

After spending many years sewing, mending & tailoring I finally launched JoLene’s Sewing School in June 2009. This business has turned into a huge hit – for both my students and myself!

I teach kids, teenagers, and adults from programs that are very comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and self-paced. They’ve helped me develop many confident sewers over the years!

In each sewing class I provide the sewing machines and supplies – all the student needs is fabric and notions (i.e: buttons, snaps, and other small objects/accessories).

I then teach and direct each student as they develop sewing machine skills, read and cut patterns, and quickly become independent sewers. As each student’s abilities increase, I include more advanced skills into their curriculum.

Plus, the great news is I help my students build on their existing skills – no matter how novice or advanced they are. So, whether they’ve never used a sewing machine before or have been sewing for years, I’ll meet the student exactly where they’re at to help them achieve their goals. 

My greatest joy is teaching a skill that kids and adults can use for a lifetime – and watching them thoroughly enjoy themselves in the process.

I can’t wait to help you become my newest successful sewing student! 

With Special Thanks To...

My mom for loaning me the startup money; my friend Alina for suggesting I start JoLene’s Sewing School; my daughter Nicole for starting my first blog; my husband Jerry for his “fix ’em up” skills; my daughter Stephanie for all the numerous things she does; my granddaughter Madisen for all her help my first summer; my mom (again!) and sisters Donna & Tonya for all their support; and all my friends (you know who you are) who listen to me when I need an ear.

I couldn’t have made it this far without you!

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