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Adult Sewing Classes


Welcome to Adult Sewing Classes!

We utilize the You Can Make It sewing program, which helps you progressively and successfully build on your existing sewing skills. Each level builds upon the knowledge and skills gained from the ones before it, making it simple and fun to learn!

There are 7 levels total, teaching you everything from basic sewing skills (level 1) to tailoring (level 7). Whether you’re just starting out or have been sewing for a while, I’ll ensure you begin at the level that fits your needs best!

Throughout this process you’ll learn to distinguish between a variety of fabrics, and to understand specific features about each one. This is very important when selecting the correct material for a project!

We’ll also build on your alteration skills, beginning with simple hip alterations and progressing to more advanced skills. Now your clothes can FINALLY fit perfectly!


adult sewing classes

Details & Rates

Adult Sewing Class Details… 
  • Time Commitment: 1 hour per week (same time each week)
  • Days & Times: Check back later…
    • Alternate days and times may be available upon request
  • Class Size: 1-3 students for personalized attention


Adult Sewing Class Rates… 
  • One-Time Registration Fee: $40
    • Holds your spot in class and covers teaching aids & patches for all 7 levels
  • Adult Sewing Class Cost: $60 for every 4 hours of class


You Will Supply… 
  • Your own sewing machine
    • You may use my machine if necessary – just let me know when you register
  • Patterns, fabric, notions
    • I’ll help you discover what you need to bring for each level’s sewing project
adult sewing classes

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