I must miss the Idaho home of my youth, as this is the second time recently I have shared memories from my childhood there. Hope you don’t mind my strolls down memory lane.

When I was young I remember that church bazaars were a big thing. All the churches had them. It is one way they raised extra funds. The bazaars’ were put on by their women’s groups. I can recall those bazaars having the best food and every kind of craft you can imagination. They had quilts, toys, pot holders, baby clothes, and more… you name it they made it and sold it.

A few weeks ago the mother of one of my sewing students brought in the cutest stitched toys which were handmade by her grandmother. She had originally intended these toys for sale in the bazaars, but of course these toys often ended up in the arms of her grandchildren.

Grandma’s handmade toy treasures!

I think they are so cute – won’t you agree? They are the Three Little Bears, a Bear and Mouse. These are such treasures!!! I think we are all of the same opinion that handmade gifts from the heart and hands of loved ones and friends, like these, are the very best of treasures.

A few years ago I made the decision that I would only make homemade gifts as presents. I hope they become treasures like the toys made by this wonderful dear grandmother.

Do you have treasured gifts from someone special? Will you share with us the story behind your treasured gift?

As always, Happy Sewing, from JoLene