Greetings!  Welcome to the May 2014 Newsletter for JoLene’s Sewing School!

Once again the end of the year comes way too fast! It feels like yesterday that leaves were starting to change and the September after school classes were just starting. And now all of a sudden here we are already with blooming trees in May. This is the best time of the year! We have the fair, the fashion show, my fifth anniversary party, and the beginning of the summer camps. Here we go with all the info!

Multnomah County Fair 5/24-26

The Multnomah County Fair is fast approaching, and will be held May 24, 25, and 26 at Oaks Park. Admission and parking are free, and the fair is open daily from noon to 7:00 PM.

All entries for the fair need to be to me by 9:00 PM on May 22, and I will deliver them to the fair at 11:00 AM on Friday the 23rd. The entries are judged Friday night and Saturday morning and are displayed before the fair opens at noon on the 24th.

Each student can enter two items through me. (You may enter more but you will have to go the fair and enter them yourself. See me for more details.)

Contact me for entry forms, rules, and lot numbers. Only one item per lot (one shirt, one pair of pants, etc).

Everyone is a winner, and I encourage all my students to enter the fair. It is a wonderful experience!

Fashion Show Slated for May 31

The Fashion show is May 31th from 1:00 – 2:00PM. The show is held at Courtyard Plaza at 60th and Division In SE Portland. This is a hugely popular event as the kids enjoy showing off their wonderful creations.

  • Each student models two outfits. They don’t need to match. Pleasecontact me for the form for what your child is going to wear and return it to me.
  • Please arrive at lease 15 minutes before starting time, wearing the first outfit. I start right on time so try not to be late.
  • Three volunteers needed for the event.
    • 1- Door person tells the kids when to go out and model. (This person can see the whole show).
    • 2- Music person plays music from their phone or iPod with speakers (I have speakers if you don’t).
    • 3- Photographer to take photos of the kids as they model.Just let me know if you are interested in a volunteer position!

This takes place rain or shine. Courtyard Plaza has a beautiful outside area with a fountain, but if the weather is cold or raining we will have it in their Mt. Hood room. Looking forward to seeing you there!

JoLene’s Sewing School Is Celebrating Its Fifth Anniversary!

To mark the occasion and milestone, we’ll be having a big party! We hope that you will come and celebrate with us.

June 21st 4:00 – 7:00 PM.

Enjoy a picnic, displays, games, door prizes, and a drawing for five prizes, including a year of free after school classes!  (Must be present to win.)

Bring friends, family, neighbors – anyone that might be interested.


The last day of after school class before Summer Camps is May 30th. I take the first two weeks of June as my vacation.

Upcoming Events! Summer Camps!

This year I have twenty summer camps! There is a great variety and something to appeal to everyone. The first camp starts on June 16th and the last camp starts on August 18th. Come and bring a friend! Note that if your friend has not sewn with me before they need to take the free preclass before the camp. See the website for camp details and availability. Don’t wait too long to sign up as they fill up fast!

Tip of the Month: Beeswax to the Rescue!

Doing hand sewing such as putting on a button or repairing a hole can sometimes be frustrating if the thread gets tangled and forms a knot. Simple solution: Beeswax. Just run your thread through beeswax, which coats the thread and keeps it from tangling. Beeswax can make you life a bit easier!


As we approach this busy end of year time, don’t miss out on registering for a camp! You cancontact me for questions or registration.
Happy Sewing,

JoLene Tunison
JoLene’s Sewing School