As well as teaching sewing and hand-crafting skills, being community-minded is a big priority for me. In addition to service projects with the sewing school, I also had a unique and fun opportunity to give back by being part of the Muscular Dystrophy Association Lockup! For this program, community and business leaders are “locked up” for having a “big heart.” I was thrilled to participate, and with the help and support of many friends, my incarceration raised money for a good cause.

In May, a limousine came to pick me up and “arrest” me.

I was then in “lockup” for two hours, during which time I ate lunch and called a list of people to ask them to help set me free. I am grateful for the generosity of friends whose donations raised a total of $450 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) has done incredible work over the , and it meant a lot to me to contribute my time and energy and resources to this great cause. In the late 1970s I worked at the Elks Rehab Hospital in Boise, Idaho. We had several kids there who had muscular dystrophy, and at that time, we all knew that they wouldn’t live to grow up and be adults due to their disease.

The MDA works to fight neuromuscular diseases and to make life better for people with those diseases. In the years since I worked at the Elks Rehab Hospital, the MDA has made tremendous progress to improve the life span and quality of life for those affected by muscular disease. One of their programs is a summer camp that helps kids have exciting, accessible adventures and summer fun. I was really happy that my brief time being locked up for the MDA could help send kids to camp, and support the work of the association.

Many thanks to all those who helped set me free and donate to a good cause!

Happy sewing,