At least twice a year, I like to invite members of my sewing school to join me in service projects. In October, we participate in the Make a Difference Day, a national day of service. Our spring project varies.

I especially love to do service projects at Courtyard Plaza Retirement Center, located at SE 60th Avenue and Division. By involving both the young students from my school and the seniors who live at Courtyard Plaza, we’re helping bridge generations.

Last year we did several projects there, and it was very satisfying to participate and witness the connections made between young and older people. I’m continuing the trend of doing projects at Courtyard because it works so well for everyone involved. We all have much to learn and enjoy from each other, and what better way to spend time together than by giving back to others?

For our spring project, in April, we made bibs for St. Vincent Hospital, and everyone who participated had a lot of fun. This time we had five seniors and four sewing students. I supply all the materials, cut and pinned ahead of time, and bring my sewing machines to use.  We finished 32 bibs in just two hours!

I see these service projects as opportunities to stitch together our community by working together to benefit others. Many thanks to Courtyard Plaza and its residents for their help, and to my students who donated their time and skill.

Happy sewing,