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Fresh Face, Same Place: My “New” Sewing Studio!

You may remember the look and feel of my sewing studio – its last update was in December of 2013. The room has been lovely, and it’s been such a joy using it to hold sewing classes for children and adults over the last few years.

However, my sister and I decided the room needed a fresh, updated look to go with my fun new summer classes. The two of us put our heads together and decided to take on one of my biggest projects yet – giving my sewing studio a brand new look!

Fresh Face, Same Place: My “New” Sewing Studio!

Here’s a picture of what my studio looked like before:

sewing studio

This project has been a few years in the making, but it’s been worth the wait!

Slowly but surely, my sister and I (with the help of her wonderful foreign exchange student) were able to turn the room into a masterpiece. Here’s some of the new additions:

  • We took my collection of wooden spools and made a heart design out of them using a wire frame.
  • My sister and I found some great vinyl stickers that would work perfectly for the main wall.
  • We used some old flags I had kept from my 5th anniversary, and sewed them into a banner.
  • My sister and I took my collection of antique dress patterns, as well as some old picture frames I had in storage. We painted the frames black, and placed the patterns inside.
  • I hand-stitched some new sewing machine covers for my machines. This was a project I had forgotten about from a year ago, but decided to finish it for my new studio.

Here’s a few pictures of the studio coming together:

sewing studio

sewing studio
Here’s a picture of the finished project! Many thanks to all the help I’ve had in getting this project completed. I love it!

sewing studio

Remember, my summer classes are now underway. Be sure to sign up now to see the new studio and to save yourself a seat!

Stay tuned for more details on my latest project: new, hand-stitched sewing machine covers.

Happy Sewing!


Join Us for a “Sew-cial” Gathering on 9/22!

 Please join me on Saturday, September 22, from 3:00 – 7:00 pm, as we gather for social (and sew-cial) time in my new space! I’ve been hard at work getting everything ready, and I’m looking forward to hosting you.

You’ll have the opportunity to see my newly remodeled space, the brand new sewing machines and tables, and check out the new digs. Best of all, we can all enjoy each other’s company and catch up on our summertime adventures while sharing refreshments.

The new space is in a wonderful green setting in Happy Valley, and I’m excited to share it with you. You can find us at 16661 SE Rock Creek Court, Happy Valley, OR 97015.

Happy Sewing!


Stitching Our Community Together Through Service

At least twice a year, I like to invite members of my sewing school to join me in service projects. In October, we participate in the Make a Difference Day, a national day of service. Our spring project varies.

I especially love to do service projects at Courtyard Plaza Retirement Center, located at SE 60th Avenue and Division. By involving both the young students from my school and the seniors who live at Courtyard Plaza, we’re helping bridge generations.

Last year we did several projects there, and it was very satisfying to participate and witness the connections made between young and older people. I’m continuing the trend of doing projects at Courtyard because it works so well for everyone involved. We all have much to learn and enjoy from each other, and what better way to spend time together than by giving back to others?

For our spring project, in April, we made bibs for St. Vincent Hospital, and everyone who participated had a lot of fun. This time we had five seniors and four sewing students. I supply all the materials, cut and pinned ahead of time, and bring my sewing machines to use.  We finished 32 bibs in just two hours!

I see these service projects as opportunities to stitch together our community by working together to benefit others. Many thanks to Courtyard Plaza and its residents for their help, and to my students who donated their time and skill.

Happy sewing,


Locked Up for a Good Cause

As well as teaching sewing and hand-crafting skills, being community-minded is a big priority for me. In addition to service projects with the sewing school, I also had a unique and fun opportunity to give back by being part of the Muscular Dystrophy Association Lockup! For this program, community and business leaders are “locked up” for having a “big heart.” I was thrilled to participate, and with the help and support of many friends, my incarceration raised money for a good cause.

In May, a limousine came to pick me up and “arrest” me.

I was then in “lockup” for two hours, during which time I ate lunch and called a list of people to ask them to help set me free. I am grateful for the generosity of friends whose donations raised a total of $450 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) has done incredible work over the years, and it meant a lot to me to contribute my time and energy and resources to this great cause. In the late 1970s I worked at the Elks Rehab Hospital in Boise, Idaho. We had several kids there who had muscular dystrophy, and at that time, we all knew that they wouldn’t live to grow up and be adults due to their disease.

The MDA works to fight neuromuscular diseases and to make life better for people with those diseases. In the years since I worked at the Elks Rehab Hospital, the MDA has made tremendous progress to improve the life span and quality of life for those affected by muscular disease. One of their programs is a summer camp that helps kids have exciting, accessible adventures and summer fun. I was really happy that my brief time being locked up for the MDA could help send kids to camp, and support the work of the association.

Many thanks to all those who helped set me free and donate to a good cause!

Happy sewing,


County Fair Entries Receive Ribbons and Praise

During the last weekend in May, Oaks Park was abuzz with the excitement that only a fair can bring. This was the 106th Multnomah County Fair, and for the third year, my students were right there, making a splash as always.

There were 28 children from the school who participated, with a total of 57 entries. Some of the projects were made during the after-school program, and some were made by students at home with skills gained from their time at my sewing school. There is something quite special to me in observing students’ excitement and pride over creating something, entering it to be judged against their peers, and receiving the satisfaction of a job well done.

I am so pleased and proud of my students for their careful work and the judges agreed that the skill demonstrated was worthy of acknowledgment! There were 22 awards given: eight 3rd place, six 2nd place, and another eight 1st place. Good job, everyone!


Additionally, eight-year-old student Olivia, pictured above with me, received 1st place overall. This Best in Show honor pools the youngest 1st place winners who are then judged as a separate group. Olivia won for her shorts, which she is proudly showing with a shiny blue ribbon attached. I also saw that Olivia wore her prize-winning shorts on the last day of school!

For centuries, fairs have long been a way for communities to gather, enjoy food and entertainment, and appreciate the skills of their neighbors. This year’s fair was no exception, and my students represented the school very well with their entries, their participation, and with the acknowledgment of their beautiful and well-crafted offerings. While fairs are a link to our shared past, they are also a way to look to the future, and cultivate the skills that we can use year after year.

It’s never too soon to start thinking about what lovely creations are in store for next year’s County Fair!

Happy sewing,


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