During the last weekend in May, Oaks Park was abuzz with the excitement that only a fair can bring. This was the 106th Multnomah County Fair, and for the third year, my students were right there, making a splash as always.

There were 28 children from the school who participated, with a total of 57 entries. Some of the projects were made during the after-school program, and some were made by students at home with skills gained from their time at my sewing school. There is something quite special to me in observing students’ excitement and pride over creating something, entering it to be judged against their peers, and receiving the satisfaction of a job well done.

I am so pleased and proud of my students for their careful work and the judges agreed that the skill demonstrated was worthy of acknowledgment! There were 22 awards given: eight 3rd place, six 2nd place, and another eight 1st place. Good job, everyone!

Additionally, eight-year-old student Olivia, pictured above with me, received 1st place overall. This Best in Show honor pools the youngest 1st place winners who are then judged as a separate group. Olivia won for her shorts, which she is proudly showing with a shiny blue ribbon attached. I also saw that Olivia wore her prize-winning shorts on the last day of school!

For centuries, fairs have long been a way for communities to gather, enjoy food and entertainment, and appreciate the skills of their neighbors. This year’s fair was no exception, and my students represented the school very well with their entries, their participation, and with the acknowledgment of their beautiful and well-crafted offerings. While fairs are a link to our shared past, they are also a way to look to the future, and cultivate the skills that we can use year after year.

It’s never too soon to start thinking about what lovely creations are in store for next year’s County Fair!

Happy sewing,