When sewing projects for myself these last few years, I have been drawn to making coats. I made a fleece jacket, and then a rain coat. (And an umbrella!) As my coats wear out, I just sew new ones. So I had a chuckle when I decided to make yet another coat. This time it was my nice coat that needed replacing. I had a black wool coat for at least 15 years and it was definitely time to get a new one.

It took me a while to find just the right pattern. After I chose the pattern, I waited for the wool to go on sale. Mill End Store is in the Sellwood/Milwaukie area and has been a family-owned business since 1918. They always have a great wool sale in the fall. I love the quality of their wools and they have fabulous colors.

For my new coat, I chose a beautiful red wool and a black paisley lining. I always say if you are going to make it yourself, make it your own! Make it something that you could not buy off the rack.

I did all the correct fitting of the pattern to my size, but after I cut it and had it partially sewn I tried it on again and it was a bit too big. So I took it apart, cut it down to a smaller size, and sewed it all together. I tried it on again, but it was still too big! (In the mean time I had lost some weight, so I am sure that that was part of the problem.)

Christmas was fast approaching and I was going to Idaho for the holiday. I needed the coat finished before I went. Although It was too big, I just finished it and sewed on the buttons during my plane ride. When I got home, I took the sides apart, took the pockets out, and cut it down another three inches on each side. I sewed it back together, and now it fits perfectly!

Moral of story: we all like our things to fit differently and the pattern is just a starting place. If it doesn’t fit perfectly you can always fix it. I just love my coat now and am very happy that I took the extra steps to help it fit me just so.

Happy sewing!