We all have our favorite things to wear to bed, and I personally love nightgowns year-round. Light cotton or knit is the best weight for me in the summer and I like warm snuggle flannel nightgowns in the winter.  My daughter Nicole gave me some fleece pajamas for Christmas, and I really love them when it is cold. Living in a daylight basement in our new home, I find that extra warm sleep clothes and fleece sheets are in order during the cold months.

But I especially love nightgowns. The longer the better and in the warmest snuggle flannel I can find. I like to pull my feet up in my nightgown to get my toes extra warm. It’s usually hard to find nightgowns long enough and if they are somewhat long, after a few washes they are too short.

So it only makes sense for me to make my own! The challenge was finding a pattern I liked. I once saw a nightgown I liked in a store and had been looking for a pattern close to it ever since. Finally I found a pattern made by Folkwear.  I love Folkwear patterns; they bring back old patterns or make patterns from a old piece or pictures of old clothing.

This nightgown pattern was taken from  an old Sears catalog from the 1890’s, is made from yards of fabric, and includes puffy sleeves and ruffles, which I like. The pattern is out of print but I bet you could find it on eBay. Because of Downton Abby there are more of these types of patterns out there. This one is a farm style, and I need to make a more Downton Abby style, which will be my nightgown for summer!

Some of my thoughts after making this nightgown:

  • I followed the pattern but do not like the ruffle in the front. It is a little too long and does not stand up like it should and tickles me in the night.
  • It has a flap that opens up in the front. (Maybe for nursing?) I would not put that in if I made this pattern again.
  • Back then they had no elastic so the wrists do not stretch. The ruffles are long, so when washing hands or cooking they get in the way. Definitely should not cook in this! It’s far too easy to catch on fire.
  • I had a piece of fabric that I picked up at an estate sale, a very warm fuzzy knit. It was five yards so plenty long enough.
  • I put buttons in the front that I found in my grandmother bottom box. I remember them on a house coat she used to wear.

I just love it! Try making a nightgown just for you with that just-right pattern and make it your own, long enough or short enough and enjoy.

Happy sewing!