This Summer Has Flown By!

Kids are back in school, there’s a crisp chill in the air and Fall Sewing Classes are about to be back in session! But first… a recap of the summer!

I had a wonderful summer, and I hope you did too! (It was a little hot for me, personally, but I made it through just fine).

I’ve been very busy this summer spending time with family. In June, my sister Tonya came to visit with her son Skylar and their Japanese foreign exchange student. We went to Kah-Nee-Ta Resort & Spa in Warm Springs for a fun day of swimming before heading up to my daughter’s house in Tacoma, Washington. They live right on the water in Puget Sound, so it was a very fun and relaxing time!

From there we went kayaking and hiking, and then went to the zoo in Gig Harbor. We had so much fun!

Then I was off to Idaho through Washington, where I stayed with my mom for a week. It was so good to see her and to have quality time together.

Afterward I went back to my sister’s house to help her prepare for her son Brandon’s wedding. (For all who are wondering, my time with my sister is usually like this – we fit A LOT of activities in a short amount of time!).

Here’s a few pictures from the Gig Harbor Zoo, Tacoma, and driving across Washington to Idaho.

Overall, it was an excellent and fun-filled summer. Now I’m back in town and am eagerly getting ready for my upcoming Fall Sewing Classes to start. I’m so excited to see all my students again!

Remembering This Year’s Sewing Camps

This year’s Summer Sewing Camps began on June 18th and lasted through August 22nd. I held 18 camps in total, so my students and I kept very busy! I love sewing camps – they are so much fun and it is such a delight to see my students learn, grow and improve their sewing skills week after week.

Here are some pictures of a few of the camps. I’ll make sure to do a few Facebook posts about them so everyone can see the fun we had! (You can follow me on Facebook by clicking here).

Upcoming Fall Sewing Classes

My upcoming Fall Sewing Classes begin on Tuesday, September 4th. There are still plenty of spots left, so check out my website right here for availability!

My 10th Anniversary Celebration! 

Next summer (June 2019 to be exact) is my 10-Year Anniversary! To celebrate, I’ve decided to dedicate these next 10 months (including September) to celebration. Each month will have something new and exciting to offer… and it’s all leading up to my Big Anniversary Bash!

Here’s a few things to expect in the coming months:

    1. 10 months of Sewing Blogs (to be posted on my website and on Facebook)
    1. Giveaways and Events (TBA)
    1. Facebook LIVE Videos (TBA)
  1. My BIG 10th Anniversary Party in June 2019 (Exact Date TBA)

There’s a lot of exciting things happening in the next 10 months – and a lot of preparations for my 10th Anniversary Party! Make sure to watch the website and follow me on Facebook for details!

Student Spotlight

This stylish apron was my student Olivia’s very last project of the year. She ended up bringing her own pattern to class, and the final product ended up looking great! I love her fabric choice, and the bright green bias tape she used really makes the fabric pop. Great job, Olivia!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all again this fall! Make sure to sign up for classes ASAP to reserve your spot!

Happy Sewing!