Part 5 – Finishing touches

 The last thing and the most important part of your whole project are the finishing touches.  

  1. Top stitching (if your pattern calls for it). Choose your thread wisely, take your time and sew straight as you can.
  2. Added trim. Adding trim puts a little pizzazz to your project.
  3. Buttons. Pick cute complementary buttons. This will add a special dimension to any project, even if there are no buttonholes.
  4. Buttonholes. Practice your buttonhole making before putting them into your finished project. Most new sewing machines make buttonholes fairly easy. On most projects the holes are done in the same color thread as the top stitching.
  5. Hemming. Follow the pattern directions for hemming. If it says to use your machine then go for it. Measure carefully with a seam guide and pin. When sewing put a piece of blue painters tape on the base of the sewing machine and follow the tape with the edge of your hem. This makes your seam even all around. If they tell you to hem by hand, again measure with a seam guide. Pin all around and follow the directions to hem by hand. (Hint – Try to only put the needle in so you don’t notice it on the front side and try to keep stitches the same distance apart.) Take your time.
  6. Final pressing. One last pressing will make all the difference in the final product. Repress all those seams, hems, and body of the project or garment.

By following all these suggestions you will have a project that only your best friends know is homemade – and only if you tell them so.

Take your time, have fun and…

Happy sewing, JoLene