There are many small things that you can do in the process of sewing that will make your finished project look sharp and professional.

I will share more over time – here are three of the more important tips and hints to get you started:

  1. Trimming threads – Take just a second after sewing each seam to cut hanging threads off. This simple step save you time later and your project will have no strings hanging – giving your garment a skilled professional finish.
  2.  Pressing (not ironing) – Open up seams and press flat by pressing down and lifting up the iron on each seam. This sets the seams and the stitches. When quilting seams are pressed to the side.
  3. Trim and clip seams – Follow the patterns instructions as to which seams to trim and clip. Another simple action that adds to your projects final fit and finish.

 Follow these simple steps and your finished garment will come together looking great – one step at a time.

Happy sewing, JoLene