Picking out your fabric –

Fabric may not seem like it makes a difference, but it can make a big difference in your finished project. With a little help and experience you can learn to select the right fabric for the right job.

  1. Back to the pattern for just a moment. Each pattern envelope has fabric suggestions. Make note of whether they are asking for lightweight or heavyweight fabric. The designers of patterns spend a lot of time trying different weights and types of fabric to see what looks and hangs best with each pattern.
  2. Pay attention to the fabric nap. The fabrics that have naps are fabric like; velour, velvet, and corduroy, to name a few. If you wonder if the fabric has nap just run your hand up and down on the grain. It has nap if it feels smooth one way and rough the other. It also changes color when brushing it different directions. Some patterns have suggestions for yardage for with nap, and without nap. With nap takes more fabric because you have to have all pattern pieces going the same direction. If the pattern is cut out with the nap not facing the same direction the fabric will reflect light differently, so the colors look different. For instance one leg could look light brown while the other leg looks dark brown.
  3. Fabric color and pattern. Designers really set current trends. If you want your project to look store bought, do some research – browse catalogs, store ads, and your favorite stores. Be sure to take your pattern along. Think about the fabric color, type, and print. Make your project your own, but if fluorescent pink is not in style, it is probably not your best choice. Instead choose a softer pink that is stylish.

Follow these simple guide lines and your finished project will be the envy of friends, and they will want to know from which store you purchased your garment. 

Happy Sewing, JoLene.