Giving service is so satisfying – for both the giver of the service and the receiver of the service.  Last winter when a local Girl Scout troop asked me to help them make pillowcases which they would donate, I immediately said yes without hesitation! These girls were from Troop 747 out of Lewis Elementary School here in Southeast Portland. Some of these girls were students at my sewing school.

The project involved meeting at the Courtyard Plaza retirement community center and to then sew pillowcases, and to decorate and enjoy Christmas cookies. The project had about 10 senior center residents and 10 Girls Scouts involved. We made the pillowcases the easy tube way. If you would like make one the tube way here is a YouTube video to guide you through it.

Girl Scout Pillowcase/Womens Shelter Sewing Project

At first this method may not look like it will work… but is does, and it is so much fun. We had a great time working on this service project together. In total we made 22 pillowcases which the Girl Scouts donated to a local woman’s shelter in west Portland. The pillowcases helped those moms and their kids while in transition. The girls found the project so rewarding and thought it was GREAT!

Thank you Troop 747 for the opportunity and for your willingness to help others when they need it most.

If you know of a Girl Scout troop that would like to earn their ‘Sew Simple’ sewing badge please send them my way… as I am qualified to teach that badge.

Happy Sewing, JoLene

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  1. JoLene,
    Thank you! I am making quillts for grandchildren and have extra fabric for one grandson…wanted to make a pillowcase, but didn’t want it to be ‘boring’. This is perfect timing for me!!! He will be thrilled as well!!!


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