I have a bad habit of buying fabric before knowing what I want to make with it. Do you ever do that? This time it was this lovely black and white cotton/poly fabric with a striped border at the top and bottom and a swirl pattern between. When I bought it, I envisioned a skirt but never found the right pattern. My lovely fabric was languishing on my shelf!

Finally my daughter  send me the link to the site This Big Oak Tree, where I found this tutorial for a high-waisted sash skirt. The author did a great job making up her own pattern, though I did make some changes, such as a center-lapped zipper.

If I was to make it again I would do the waist band with interfacing and a more traditional way. But I like how it turned out and it fits great. I took the border from the top of the fabric and made the tie, using all the various aspects of the pattern for the finished product.

I love the skirt. What do you think?  I hope you will go to this site and try the skirt! It is cute and so easy. And send me a picture when you are finished!

Happy Sewing,