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Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. I love the music, lights, Santa at the mall, the chill in the air (even better if it snows; hint hint: please snow!), making Christmas cookies, and making gifts for friends and family.

This year my Christmas was spectacular. Last year my daughter made a new rule that we all had to make presents for each other instead of buying things. Here’s a sample of some of the gifts from the heart.


It was so fun to help my four grandkids make things for each other. My granddaughter Hallie’s gift for her grandfather was the best. She made a 2×4 out of wood print fabric. Isn’t it sweet?!

There is nothing like getting a homemade gift that was made just for you.

Winter and Early Spring Workshops

In Oregon spring comes quickly after Christmas. I try to get my cold weather crops in my garden by the end of February. To help us get ready for the up-and-coming season, here are my winter and early spring camps. There are some fun options; take a peek!

Messenger Bag Camp
January 20th 9am – 12pm 
Design Your own bag flap. Several designs to choose from, with variety of fabrics to come up with your own. Supply list at time of registration. $60
Turtle Bag Camp
January 20th 1pm – 4pm

Come make a sweet snapping turtle bag with many pockets. You can turn it in your sewing, art or whatever bag! All supplies provided. $75
Poncho Camp
February 17th 9am – 12pm
This is the cutest poncho ever; so fun and easy to make.  Other things added as time allows. Supply list at time of registration $60
Cute Skirt Camp 
February 17th 1pm – 4pm
Come make a fun skirt for spring. Pattern provided, supply list provided at time of registration. $60
Sock Monkey PJ’s and Sock Monkey 
(see pictures below in Project of the Month!)
March 24th, 25th, 26th 9am – 12pm
These pajamas are made from fabric that looks like real sock fabric. All supplies and patterns are provided $130
All Things Fox Camp
March 24th, 25th, 26th 1pm – 4pm
Come make everything fox from bags to scarves and many other fox items to choose from. Make as many as time allows! All supplies and pattern provided $130

Save the Dates for Upcoming Events

Multnomah County Fair:  May 24-26

Fashion Show right after the fair: Saturday, May 31

More information to come!

Project of the Month:  Sock Monkey PJ’s

One of the Christmas camps was Sock Monkey PJ’s. It was so much fun! Sock monkeys have made a resurgence and the kids just love making them. The PJ’s are so cute, and I was excited that I found fabric that looked just like sock fabric, a printed flannel. I found a picture of them in a catalog and made my own pattern for the hood and footsies. The Christmas camps are a ton of fun, and I’m repeating the Sock Monkey PJ camp in March. Join us and make some Sock Monkey PJ’s of your own!

Tip of the Month: Adjusting a Pattern

When making changes to a pattern, it is a good idea to a practice one out of old sheet or muslin to make sure it works before you make the real project. That is what I did for the sock monkey hoodie and footsies. Then I made changes bigger or smaller or adjust the pattern until I am happy with the result.


As the wintertime begins to give way to early spring, don’t miss out on registering for a class or a workshop! You can contact me for questions or registration.
Happy Sewing,

JoLene Tunison
JoLene’s Sewing School

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