I love the sewing machine! I consider it one of the greatest inventions. It allows me to make more homemade projects, make more quickly, and with more uniform stitching than by hand. Right now is a great time to purchase a new sewing machine. You can find great deals… and stretch your precious dollars. Even the least expensive machines have great features – ones that used to come only on higher-end machines just a few years back.

The trend now is to have both a new machine and an older machine. For instance, a lot of quilters have antique Singer featherweight machines to take with them to their guilds, while they leave their fancy computerized machines at home. I do have a Kenmore computerized sewing machine, which I love by the way, but would love to own a featherweight one.

What I have instead is my grandmothers 1940s vintage MontgomeryWards sewing machine. It is great machine that works just fine. Since it is a cabinet-style machine, it is not portable, so I can’t take it with me. But that is okay, besides it has many wonderful attachments. I do not use it very often because I don’t have a good location in my home for it. Someday I will have a place for it in my sewing room and be able to use it more frequently.

My Grandmothers Vintage Sewing Machine

It is wonderful to be able to use both old machines and new ones, side by side – they both have their place and serve a function… and they both get the job done!

Happy Sewing, JoLene