This year I celebrated my 65th birthday, which means I have been sewing for about fifty-five years!

As I look back on what first brought a passion for sewing, I believe it all began when my mom taught me to do hand embroidery and to crochet. My Grandmother Steele also taught me some on her 1940’s Montgomery Wards sewing machine and her 1900’s treadle Singer. Several years later, I took a sewing class in the 7th grade and began to learn more sewing. I was about 13. I remember drawing a very simple pattern for a dress for my baby sister. It didn’t turn out too well, but it was a start!

After this, my love of sewing and my love for my sister went hand-in-hand. I did a lot of sewing for myself in high school, and for every dress I made, I also made one for my sister. In this picture I am a senior in high school and she is 5 years old.



That’s how it all started! After I was married, I started sewing for my kids and took a few classes here and there. In fact, I made my own wedding dress and all three of my daughters / daughter in law’s – as well as a wedding dress for a friend, many prom dresses and bridesmaids dresses. I’ve tried my hand at quilting, made cushions for my daughter’s boat, and done countless Halloween costumes for kids and grandkids (including a clown costume and Buzz Lightyear). Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing I haven’t sewn!


I always wanted to do something more with my love of sewing, but never knew what that might be until I lost my job ten years ago. A friend asked me if I had considered teaching sewing classes, and I started doing some research and came across Kids Can Sew.

Looking back, I thought then, “Oh this won’t last very long, it will just get me through a couple of years.” But here I am ten years later, and I’m so grateful to love what I do. I love sharing my love for sewing from kids to adults. It’s crazy how sewing has just taken over my life. I eat, sleep and dream of sewing!

Thank you to all who have helped me become a better sewer,a better teacher and a better person.

Happy sewing,