As well as teaching an almost lost art through my sewing school, I also believe in promoting service and community-building in young people. It is important to teach the value of giving back to others. Those who have been with my school for awhile know that at least annually we hold service-oriented projects and camps. In the past I’ve worked with a Girl Scout Troop, made items for the Dougy Center, and even got locked up for a good cause!

This year I decided to hold another Giving to Others camp, sewing for the Stockings for Soldiers project. This project is in its twelfth year, and provides Christmas stockings stuffed with goodies for military personnel who are halfway around the world in harm’s way.

Giving to soldiers who are away from home at the holidays is especially important to me. My dad served in the military, and I have a son-in-law and brother-in-law who have been away from family at Christmas. This may seem like a little thing, a stuffed stocking at the Christmas holiday, but can make a big difference to a solder away from home.

My campers and I have made the stockings, and now we can focus on items to fill them! Here is a list of items requested for the Stockings for Soldiers project. The project can also use cash donations, for those who wish to contribute financially.

Like last year, this Giving to Others Camp was a huge success! We had nine participants in the morning session and nine in the afternoon! It feels so good to practice our skills and offer our talents for the benefit of others. The camp is free of charge, and the participants committed to all three days and provide an adult volunteer. My goal was to create 100 stockings for the project, and we exceeded that by 40%! Between the morning and afternoon camps, we created 140 stockings to send!

On tbe last day of camp, we made teddy bears that the campers got to take home.

Thanks to everyone who participated, from the woman who donated the fabric from her late mother’s stash, to the campers, to the adult volunteers, and to YOU if you choose to contribute to the stuffing of the stockings. More information here!

Happy Sewing!