At the end of last year’s classes, on June 9, students participated in the school’s third annual fashion show. It was held at the Courtyard Plaza Retirement Center, where we also had our fun and successful service project last spring.

This was the first year that we had bad weather, and the event was held indoors in the Mt. Hood Room rather than outside in the courtyard.

We had a great turnout. Of the 45 kids who attended the sewing school, 22 participated in the fashion show, modeling for family, friends, and members of the retirement home two outfits they made. Here you an see Seamus in a shirt he made, holding another project, a stuffed pear!

Also participating were two camp helpers, Elise and Melissa. They directed the students, modeled their own creations, and helped me hand out awards.

Everyone received a certificate of advancement, as well as a charm they could add to their sewing school necklace.

For the first time, I also made four special awards. An award for “Going Above and Beyond” went to Ella, who made 9 ponchos and 15 doll ponchos for American Girl Doll, which she sold (all of them!) at the Lewis Craft Fair. Awards also went to camp helpers Elise & Melissa, pictured above, for their help with the sewing school and with the fashion show. And finally, “Most Improved Sewer” went to Olivia, who had only been taking lessons for two months. You’ll remember Olivia from the blog post about her win at the Multnomah County Fair.

Click on the images below and you can see all the students in their finery!

Many thanks to the students for their hard work!

Happy sewing,


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