I love to give and receive homemade gifts for birthdays, Holidays, and special events. As a matter of fact the gifts I treasure most are the homemade ones family and friends have given me.

One of my most cherished gifts is a pillow that my sister Tonya made and gave me a few winters ago. That simply designed and constructed pillow touched me deeply… let me explain how mere fabric could mean so much.

I was blessed with a wonderful father. He had an engaging sense of humor – always cracking jokes, playing practically jokes, laughing and making everyone around him laugh. He also loved to sing us silly songs. Using that sense of humor he would take songs and change the words, or he would take two songs and combine them. As kids we just loved those songs, and as adults we sang those songs along with him and laughed.

He was a man loved by many. He was taken from us five years ago when he lost his battle with brain cancer. Our family truly misses that loving, funny man.

His chosen profession was that of a paint contractor. Many times he remarked that, “everything he owned had paint on it”. While pondering what meaningful Christmas gift she could make the family that would recall our father… that remark came to my sister’s mind. So several years ago my sister took some our father’s old painting pants and made us pillows as gifts for Christmas – on which she embroidered words from those silly songs of his. Words can’t express much I love this special heartfelt, handmade gift.

Handmade items from our loved ones and dear friends are indeed the most treasured of gifts. This holiday season at my sewing school for children the students will have the opportunity make some of those treasures themselves. I am offering wonderful holiday gift workshops for kids ages 7 to 14. Children will select and make three to five items for gift giving, from 20 unique items – 15 of which are new this season! The items are ready to sew, allowing your child to make those three to five items during the three-hour workshop.  They then go home with handmade gifts guaranteed to touch the hearts of friends and family.

Those 20 gift items include; a purse organizer, soda or juice can cover, wallet, placemat bag, hooded fleece scarf, stuffed toys, purse, pincushions, book covers, everyday bag, headband and much more.

I’m holding eight workshops in four days, two per day, on; November 13th, 27th and December 11th and 18th. Workshop times are; 9-12am and 1-4pm. Each workshop has room for just four students. The sewing machines and all sewing supplies needed to complete the projects are provided.

Children will have a great time while making gifts for family and friends. Workshops are filling fast, so call 503-804-7259 now and reserve a spot.

Happy Sewing, JoLene

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