Do you own an unsightly, uncovered shelf, cupboard or cabinet that exhibits your stuff to all who enter your home? Most all of us have such an eyesore without doors. I used to face that problem – it is a common concern in many households, but it has an easy fix.

A few years back I became the owner of a big door-less cupboard as a local store was going through a remodeling. For several years it had nothing covering the opening. It is the first thing people saw upon entering my home. I finally decided to make a curtain to cover it. Here are before and after pictures. The first picture is the curtain pulled up so you can see how awful it looks without one. The second picture shows the curtain in place – see how much better it looks!

Curtains pulled back

Plaid curtains closed

The cupboard has two sections so I made one curtain for the center and small curtains for the sides. I use upholstery tacks to hold the curtains open. Using plaid fabric requires matching up the plaid pattern. I cut the first curtain and then laid the second one down beside it, matching the plaid and making sure to leave extra fabric for the hems on the top and bottom. They are easy to remove, wash and put back up. I hope to get a real cupboard someday – but until then this works.

Use your imagination and good luck covering that open shelf, cupboard or cabinet.

Happy Sewing, JoLene