Hello to all my sewing friends! Once again I made all my Christmas gifts this year. Here’s a summary!

Christmas Tree Napkins

One of my sewing moms received this napkin a few years ago. She had me help her girls make these for gifts. I just love them and they are so easy and fast to make; I finished forty of them! I found the Christmas fabric on a Black Friday sale at JoAnn’s, and the metallic thread really adds a nice visual, which we used in both silver and gold. I found it easier to sew with metallic in my bobbin if I used either red or green for the top thread.

Apron for Stephanie

My daughter Stephanie didn’t get napkins because her daughter made her twenty so I didn’t need to duplicate efforts!  I took the pattern of an apron she liked that her aunt gave me for Christmas a few years ago. There are many things I love about this pattern, including how all the seams are hidden inside the folds.  I used my ruffler foot for the pleated edge, which makes it so easy! The ruffler presser foot is great to use when you  have a lot of gathering or pleats in a pattern.

Bag and Panels for PVC Tent

My daughter gave her 6-year-old son a PVC tent kit. She took 8 foot lengths of 1⁄2 inch PVC pipe, cut them in half, and bought a bunch of connectors. I made a bag for the pipe and we used a bag he had gotten for Christmas last year from his sister. Then I made panels with little castle flags on them. I need to make a top for the tent because blankets are too heavy. The idea was to give him the choice to put is on top of his bed if he wanted but for now he just wants it in the living room.

Elsa and Anna Nightgown

Christmas would not have been complete with out something from the movie Frozen. My 4-year-old granddaughter just loves that movie and knows all the songs. So I made matching nightgowns her and her doll. She just loves them!

American Girl Doll Tent and Sleeping Bag

I found it on Pinterest. Here is the link if you want to see how to make one for an American Doll enthusiast in your own life! My 10-year-old granddaughter wanted this for Christmas. It was fun and fast to make. I want to add flaps in the front; it’s great because it ties on the bottom side so you can make it flat for easy storage.

Bathroom Bag

My almost-12-year-old granddaughter needed a bag go hold all of her bathroom stuff. She loves black and white so I made it out of five different black and white fabrics. It has pockets on the inside and outside and big space in the middle for a towel or clothes for the beach or camping

Well that’s it for Christmas 2014. Hope your holidays were wonderful and you were happy with your homemade gifts from the heart! I’d love to see your homemade gifts; feel free to send me a pic! Have a great sewing year.

Happy sewing,