JoLene does Yoga?!?!… yeah, I know I’m surprised too… when those that know me stop chuckling read on. As part of my rehab process from my fall and broken leg it was recommended I take yoga. In the past I had considered learning yoga for its limbering and calming effects, but didn’t think I would fit in. Like many people I had typecast those who practiced the art of yoga as somewhat weird. In my mind I wasn’t the ‘yoga type’.

Well, to my pleasant surprise the typecasting was just not true. The teacher and other students are amiable, caring, common everyday people like myself. I’ve fallen in love with the yoga experience. I feel better and I enjoy the extraordinary relaxation that comes with stretching and mediation.

My yoga instructor has a private studio in her nearby home. I can take the bus or walk to her studio from my place. Now I needed a tote or bag to carry my yoga mat, water, and maybe a sweat shirt.

Like most people do nowadays, when I need information I do a search for it on the Internet. I found a real simple unlined bag that would fit the bill. I found the pattern on the Threads magazine web site. (Threads by the way, is one of the best sewing magazines I’ve found.  Since 1995 they have provided help, and inspiration to sewers of all levels and abilities. I highly recommend Threads if you are wanting to learn more about sewing.) Here is the link to that yoga bag page on their web site with the pattern:

Yoga mat

This bag is so easy to sew. It only has three body pieces along with the handle. I made mine a little different from their pattern. I gave mine a lining and cut the main section on-the-fold so it would be one piece. I used some bright, color-coordinated fabrics to personalize my bag. These unique touches made the bag and sewing process all the more fun.

Making sewing projects your own is one of the exciting and rewarding aspects of sewing and handicrafts. Creating with one’s own hands delivers a deep, personal satisfaction along with its distinctive, custom-made results.

Remember, with any project start simple and make it your own!

Happy sewing and stretching, JoLene