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Camps, Projects, Fall Sewing Classes! | September News from JoLene’s Sewing School

What A Great Summer!

What a great summer we’ve had here – these past few months have been filled with wonderful classes and even MORE wonderful students! We had a ton of great summer camps going on this summer. However, the most popular was Emoji Camp – we had 14 participants for this camp alone! The kids had a great time sewing their own Emoji pillows and footy pajamas out of Emoji fabric. We even made Rice Krispy treats for snack, and decorated them with our favorite Emoji faces! Everyone had a blast, and I’m excited to be doing more of these camps moving forward.

Want to know about more of the classes I’ve offered this summer? Be sure to Like and Follow my Facebook page, where you can keep up with class updates and other information. Click this link to visit my page.


Student Spotlight

I truly enjoyed all of my students this summer! However, there is one that stood out in particular. Cerra is 13 years old, and this her second year attending my camps. Each year, she flies to Oregon all the way from Hawaii in order to see her family and take my sewing classes! This year, she participated in Around The World Camp, where she had fun sewing her own french berét, french skirt, stuffed panda bear, and bag that says “Hello” in 13 different languages. It was a joy having her in class, and an honor to have her come all the way out here to see me. I’m looking forward to seeing you again!


Upcoming Class Information & Important Dates

Fall sewing classes have officially begun!

My one-hour Children’s Classes are being held Mondays – Fridays at 3:15pm, 4:15pm, and 5:15pm. There are still plenty of spots open for those of you who have not signed up yet. Please click this link to view all class availability and information.

Are you adult who would love to learn to sew? My Adult Classes are lots of fun, and you’ll leave knowing all the basics you need to sew your own clothing, accessories, and more! There’s still a few spots left if you’d like to sign up. To view up-to-date availability for my Adult Classes, please click this link.

You can also call me at (503) 804 -7259 for questions or to set up an appointment.

The holidays are coming up, and my sewing school will be taking some much needed breaks to celebrate! Please note the following dates that we will NOT have class:

  • Columbus Day – Monday, October 9th
  • Halloween – Tuesday, October 31st
  • Thanksgiving Week – November 20th – 24th
  • Christmas Break  – December 18th – January 1st


Exciting News: I Have A “New” Sewing Studio!

As some of you know, my sewing studio recently got a huge makeover! With help from my sister and some friends, we transformed my old studio into a work of art. I love it!

Want to learn more about the studio, and stay up-to-date with what’s going on with Jolene’s Sewing School? Click here to read my blog! I have a new blog up every month with sewing school updates and fun sewing tips.

What’s New With JoLene?

I was lucky enough to take a trip to Hawaii in April with my family! My husband, daughter, son-in-law, four grandkids and I all spent a week in Kauai. We went snorkeling, ziplining, swimming, and spent some time relaxing on Hanalei Beach. We also went to Turtle Cove, which is a small cove at the base of a cliff. There were tons of turtles swimming around! It was such a great trip, and an excellent way to spend time together as we got ready to head into summer. Here’s a few pictures from the trip:


I’m looking forward to seeing you all as we head into Fall! If you have any questions, please let me know.

Happy Sewing!


Monkey Business at the Summer Sewing Camp

Last week was chock full of monkey business at my summer sewing camp! I’ve wanted to teach the old-fashioned sock monkey project for quite awhile, and this was the summer we made it happen.


Sock monkeys are an Americana tradition, and like many classics, they are making a comeback right now in popularity. When I attended the Street of Affordable Homes Tour, I saw a child’s room that was decorated completely in the sock monkey theme, with bedspread, monkey pictures, and colored sock monkeys everywhere. I was excited to share this craft with my students, in a blend of both the traditional style and current popularity.

For supplies, I bought the original red-heeled Rockford socks from Fox River . That company bought Rockford socks in 1992 and have continued making them, much to the delight of sock monkey enthusiasts everywhere.

As always, my camps have a maximum of four students, which ensures everyone has plenty of personal attention and can thrive in their learning and sewing fun.

It’s fun to combine treats with such a unique project. I made sock monkey rice krispie treats, sock monkey cake pops, and baby cinnamon rolls that I called monkey ears.

In our camp, we made a big sock monkey and a small one. Because the project requires a lot of hand sewing, I was a little concerned that it would be especially challenging, but everyone did a great job, and had wonderful monkeys to take home.

Traditions are important, and it was a pleasure to introduce my students to a traditional craft with a modern flair.  There are slots open in some of my upcoming workshops, which includes more toys, stuffed animals, clothing, and even a Harry Potter camp. Click here for details and to register!

Happy sewing,



Kicking Off Summer Camp in New Location

Kids are out of school, this week summer is officially starting, and so is JoLene’s Sewing Camp for Kids! This year’s lineup includes many great opportunities for kids ages 6-14. There are several options to make various stuffies or animal-themed items that are sure to bring happy smiles as flat cloth transforms into toys. Making a summer or back-to-school outfit, a matching dress set for a child and a doll, or perhaps a hoodie may be the ticket for some students who want to wear their creations. For the Harry Potter enthusiasts, there’s a camp just for you, too! Or if curling up with a handmade heart quilt sounds cozy, that’s also an option. With so many choices, there’s surely something to grab your interest. Click here to see the full list.

With a few open spots available, the time to act is now. Browse class options, make your choice, and check out, all from this page on the website. Camps are available morning or afternoon, for three weekdays in a row. This concentrated time at the machine helps kids learn quickly in a fun environment, and in just a few days they have a wonderful project (or set of projects!) to take home. For new students, a one-time-only free safety class is required and can be scheduled by contacting JoLene.

For returning students, note that all summer camps will be held in a new location: Nelson Chiropractic, 6647 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon. Please use the back door when entering.

This looks to be an exciting summer of creativity, learning, connection, and fun. We look forward to seeing you at our new location for Summer Camp!

Happy sewing,

Weekday classes are now open for registration! See our Weekly Classes page under Child/Teen Classes. Dismiss