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Summer Fun!

As usual, this summer has been a whirlwind! My summer camps have been a blast, and have been filling up so fast.

Below is a list of the camps I offered this summer. As I make plans for future camps, it helps a lot to hear from you about what camps were most enjoyable or which ones sound most interesting for students to take in the future if they missed this round.  Please email me your feedback about what camps you’d like to see again, or ideas for new ones to create!

Summer Outfit Camp

Who’s Hooting

Hearts Hearts Everywhere

Fun at the Beach

Kitty Cat Quilt

Circle Skirt and Cotton Tee

Skirt a Day Camp

Everything Fox Camp

Giving to Others Camp

Sock Monkey Camp

Hoodie Camp

Cats Galore

Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Harry Potter Camp

Camping Fun with Your 18 Inch Doll

Renaissance Cape Camp

Toothless the Dragon Camp

Back to School Camp

Make Clothes for Your 18 Inch Doll

We had a ton of fun, as you can see in the gallery. Please let me know what camp(s) you’d like to see repeated or created in the future!

In June, JoLene’s Sewing School held its picnic and fashion show, as a way to cap the schoolyear of classes and give my students a chance to socialize and show off their handiwork.

IMG_1043 IMG_1044


I hope the remainder of your summer was great!

Happy Sewing,



Fashion Show 2013-215W

End of Year Fashion Show

A fashion show is great fun. With shows like Project Runway taking America by storm, we find that the energy of the participants and the fun in seeing a variety of clothing generates a lot of excitement.

Fashion shows are especially fun to watch expectantly when kids are showing off the items they have made themselves. Most of my students spend one day a week from September to May learning to sew. They start with the basics and make items according to what they have learned.

June 1st was my fourth annual student fashion show. It is held every year at the Courtyard at Mount Tabor on 60th and Division in Southeast Portland. For my students to share their projects with friends and family and residents of Courtyard is often a highlight of the year. This year was no exception. With sixteen of my students participating, and great weather, we were thrilled to show off our sewing projects in the beautiful outdoor courtyard.

Fashion Show 2013-215W



Click on the photos below to see the students in their clothing projects!

Happy Sewing!


November 2012 Newsletter

Upcoming Workshops for Kids 
Are you ready for Christmas Workshops During Thanksgiving Vacation? Once again I’m hosting this amazing gift-creating opportunity, in the form of a fun holiday break workshop! In just three hours, students can make between 7 and 10 items. What better way to get a significant jump on holiday gift-giving?

There will be 15-20 projects to choose from, which will provide a wide selection of potential gifts for children and adults, both male and female. All materials are provided, and will be cut and ready to sew!
You have four possible workshop options: Monday 11/19 or Tuesday 11/20, either morning (9am to noon) or afternoon (1pm to 4pm). Cost is just $30, which includes all the materials and gifts that the students will produce. All four workshops will be held at my Happy Valley location, 16661 SE Rock Creek Court.

Contact me to register or for more information.

I’m also considering holding one or two workshops during the December holiday break at my Happy Valley location, depending on interest. Call me at (503) 804-7259 or email to check availability.

Fashion Show Fun for Students

JoLene 2012-191W

In June, twenty-two of my students participated in the Third Annual JoLene’s Sewing School Fashion Show. Along with two camp helpers, the youngsters had the opportunity to model two outfits they made, showing off their fine sewing skills!

Check out my blog for more details, plus a gallery of photos where you can see the students’ beautiful work.

Project of the Month: Wild Side Stuffed Animals
This summer I started a new camp called Wild Side, which gave my students an opportunity to make adorable stuffed toys.

This little girl did a great job; she made a giraffe, a zebra, and a monkey.

Tip of the Month: Straight Sewing

When I have new students a common question is that sewing straight looks so easy, but how do you actually make it straight? Here are some pointers:

  • You can purchase fabric guides that either screw into your machine or have a magnet that sticks. Line up your fabric on the edge of the guide and sew.
  • Create your own guide by placing painters tape on your sewing machine. Line up your fabric on the tape when you sew and voilà your line is perfectly straight!
  • Take an old sheet, cut into strips, and practice by sewing two strips together. Before you know it your stitching line will be perfectly straight!

Weekly Classes are now open for registration! Find them under Child/Teen Classes. Dismiss