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Teen Sewing Classes

Welcome to Teen Sewing Classes!

Being a teenager is an incredible time of budding independence and “coming into your own.” That’s why I intentionally format my class to foster these attributes and help teens thrive! 

In this class, teens aren’t confined to a specific sewing program or a structured set of rules. Instead, students are able to select their own patterns and create their own projects… upon teacher approval, of course!

Teens come alive with this newfound freedom – and this “unstructured” course allows them to use their creativity, develop new sewing skills and create masterpieces they’re sure to love.

Classes are open to all students ages 13 – 19 and are offered between September – May. Students are welcome to begin at any point in this timeframe.

These classes teach an important life skill, while costing significantly less than the average music/dance lesson or sports practice! 

New students are required to attend my complimentary one-hour safety course prior to the beginning of class. Please contact me to arrange a time.


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Details & Rates

Teen Sewing Class Details… 
  • Ages: All students ages 13 – 19 are welcome!
  • Time Commitment: One hour per week (same time each week)
  • Availability: Students are welcome to start at any point between September – May
  • Days & Times: Check back!…
  • Class Size: 2-4 students for personalized attention


Teen Sewing Class Rates… 
  • One-Time Registration Fee: $40
      • Reserves your seat in class
  • Teens Sewing Class Cost: $60 / month
    • First monthly payment should be paid in-person on the first day of class


Teen Sewing Class Materials… 
  • Sewing Machines: One sewing machine is provided per person
  • Supplies: Students will provide their own fabric, patterns and notions (buttons, small accessories, etc.). Additional supplies will be provided by the instructor.
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