Sew What?… and Then Take the High Chair with You!

My little sister Tonya was born when I was 12 years old – she was like having a live doll to play with. We took her with us to many places when she was but a baby. Most of those places did not have a high chair – with its tray to hold her in. To resolve that problem Mom placed her in a regular chair then took a large dish towel, wrapped it around her and tied her in. I am sure people still do this.

Recently my daughter took a trip to Reno with her husband and kids. She was sure that most of the places they would be going to there would not have a high chair. In preparation for the trip she asked me to sew up something that would hold her eight month old baby in a chair.

Searching the Internet I located a cute, portable fabric travel high chair. I found the pattern easy to follow – in fact it took just me an hour to make one from start to finish.  Here is the link for the pattern:

Cloth high chair pattern

Here is how the cloth chair appears when laid out

The below photo shows my beautiful granddaughter in the one I made. Both child and mother loved it. It saw a lot of use on their trip. This fabric high chair design holds and supports a child in almost any chair. They can be used at home as well.

cloth high chair in use

The supportive and cute portable cloth chair in use!

Happy Sewing, JoLene

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